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This was the place to purchase tickets online for the 15. Jena FullDome Festival, Oct. 8-10.2021, In-house and stream.

There were two ways to access the festival through the ticket shop:

1.)  You could buy tickets for the in-house shows of the FullDome Festival in the giant dome of the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena. To review the complete program of the 15. Jena FullDome Festival go to:

2.)  You could buy tickets for the 360°-stream of the #BestOfEarth program, shared by the fulldome festival co-operative: DomeFest West (Los Angeles, USA), Fulldome UK (Plymouth, UK), Dome Under Festival (Melbourne, Australia) and the Jena FullDome Festival (Germany).

The Global Streaming Schedule indicated when the BestOfEarth selection was playing in which time zone. The Best Of Earth Blocks  indicated which film was playing in which block.

PayPal or Credit Card was accepted for all ticket purchases. The streaming-ticket was mailed with an invoice and access code which delivered the #BestOfEarth program in high quality 360°-stream, to be viewed on the computer, laptop, tablet, mobile or a VR-headset, wherever you are. 

Some people were asking: “Will the #BestOfEarth program be only and exclusively available in the stream?” Answer: “No, all #BestOfEarth films will also be shown locally in the Jena dome as part of the in-house program. However, the stream is perfect if you don’t happen to be near any of the participating Planetariums, and still want to immersive in the experience.”

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