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The ticket shop for the 14. Fulldome Festival 2020 Zeiss Planetarium Jena and 360 Cyberdome-Stream.

Tickets available for the Fulldome Streaming Festival,
May 13-16. 2020. Online only.

The 14. Jena FullDome Festival goes livestream! Watch all festival films live in our special 360° Cyberdome.
We offer non-infectious access to the festival program as you would have seen it in the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena – except it will be virtual.

View the fulldome shows live at home on your computer, laptop, tablet, or even with your Oculus in full 360° VR. With your confirmed ticket purchase you will receive a code to access the festival stream.

If you can afford to buy the Supporter Ticket, please do. It allows other folks to log in to the festival at a lower rate.
Both tickets give full access to the Festival’s (approximately) 15 hours streaming program: Full Feature Shows, Fulldome Short films and Frameless Forum presentations.

Please find out about why we’ve opened the Student Grant Donation Box.
Make a contribution of 10,00 € or more to support student fulldome projects.

Please check our F.A.Q. and visit Fulldome Festival homepage and Facebook Page for program updates.

If you bought a limited Be-The-First-Ticket we will send you a mail with streaming access and additional information.